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have been long time tak update blog. berhabuk dah
Knowing what? i'm deeply sad now
hairi? Yes, he. Dia kenapa sekarang? apa silap ain? ain salah apa dengan dia?
dia dah bosan dengan ain maybe.
rasa nya karma kut, sebab ain  buat dia dulu. remember? dengan naqiu? ya, him..
now, dia pun dah ada gf. so? hmm forget it, motif bukan nak cerita pasal dia pun.

Bie? kenapa ni? why you change yourself hunny? what? is that i'm doing wrong to you?
I make you bored? i do love you bie. i love you till the end of this world.
hmm, you want some times? okay.. i give it to you. but bie, please make a correct thing sayang.
i love you till my last breath. beby buat silap apa? hm, yang lepas biar jelah.
I lost everything only in one hour bie,
my life. you. friends.
please understanding me. ain taktahu ain silap apa, hery bosan dengan ain? ain buat hery kusut? ain buat hery rasa menyampah dengan ain? ain kuat merajuk? ain kuat cemburu? salah ke semua tu? lagi lagi cemburu. ohh please relay mana yang takda jealous jealous ni. tell me
i have been work hard for you bie, tak pernah lupa pun dekat hery, sumpahh.
sepatut nya hery makin faham ain, tapi hakikat nya? tak...
ain rindu hery yang dulu. seriously rindu
rindu nak watch movie, rindu nak lepak sama sama, rindu nak hangout
rindu nak beli barang sama sama and exactly ain rindu senyum hery dekat ain.
miss all that bie, miss all that.
So lepas ni siapa pula nak calm kan ain kalau ain marah marah?
siapa pulak yg nak pujuk ain bila ain merajuk? siapa pulak nak bagi advise bila ain down?

Dear Mohd Zulkhairy Zawawir,
  love you is the best thing i ever had. Make you smile and laugh is the amazing and awesome activity, cry because of you is the worst hobby that i do. Bie, i hope you will be my last forever and ever. Please make me as your Quenn of your heart, make my space bigger in your mind. I afraid if i will lost you when i flip my hair a side. i love you and you know that to. I'm begging you sayang. Bie, ain rindu hery yang dulu. Tolong pulangkan balik hery yang dulu. please :(
Last word, ain jaga hati hery elok elok and hopefully hery jaga hati macam mana hery jaga hati ain dulu. Love you is never end Hairi  :')

HAI , NurulAin Azhar here. nice to know you people xD


" Change with yours "


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